About Us.

Halation Health focuses on natural, sustainable, Australian made products across wellness, beauty and lifestyle. We champion trusted, premium brands, those which purposefully use quality ingredients, and seek to connect them with the Australian consumers through our network of beloved retailers. 

The word Halation means the spreading of light beyond its boundaries. Like all of us, we were meant to shine and we want to help you shine. All of Halation Health’s products where chosen because they have eco-friendly, natural properties but also because they look great too! We believe we all have two homes, our planet and our body so let’s take care of them!

We pay our respects to the indigenous peoples of this world, to their leaders past, present and emerging.

We acknowledge that the earth we walk upon today was and always will be indigenous lands and in that honour, I will continue to support, protect and promote indigenous rights and freedoms.

Our story

Halation health was born in 2020 after the COVID 19 crisis changed our lives for the better. We diversified from our successful sister company Halation Agency, as we saw a huge shift towards our consumers wanting Australian made brands, concentrating on ethical manufacturing and ingredients from nature. Wellness with a new modern twist. Products that make you want to be healthy and make ethical choices.

Our customers wanted beauty from the inside out, rather than the outside in. We saw our customers wanting and needing to stay home more, and having time for a self-care routine from home. We saw people finally slowing down and taking better care of themselves and their families. And looking at how they could find more balance with mother nature.

We also recognised that our retailers and buyers are being overwhelmed with emails and not having enough time to properly review new brands on the market or even having time to place an order. We wanted to give them a detox, to create a one-stop online location where the buyer can make easier purchasing decisions – to research, compare and buy with ease and confidence.

For those who don’t wish to use this new technology of the Halation Agency wholesale login, we can still offer personalized service the old fashioned way. All brands are proudly showcased at our permanent Sydney showroom where our collections can be reviewed and sampled in a relaxed and knowledgeable environment. We offer flexible opening hours to fit around busy lives. We are aware not everyone can get to us, so multiple times, throughout the year, the team travels interstate between Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth and on the road weekly to facilitate our national buyers. Lastly, we offer Facetime, Zoom and digital showings.

Halation Health has accomplished experience in launching new brands as well as drive national expansion of well-established brands while making our suppliers and customers feel supported and secure in the knowledge that we have their best interests at heart. Their success is our success! We act as an agent only, not as a distributor – meaning we are in daily contact with our brands and can offer a more timely & personalised service. We work closely with the suppliers to achieve their wishes, hopes and desires for their brands.

Halation Health believes Health is the new wealth. We champion our trusted brands’ values and impact by connecting and delivering the unique power of our conscious designers and manufacturers to the Australian & international retail consumer. Our number one value as a business is “Partnering People to Thrive”.


Halation Health is committed to being a conscious, ethically company, helping the environment where we can, by partnering and supporting businesses that do good for the world and our local communities. We believe, as a team, in the importance of contributing to our society and giving back to other organisations that are meaningful to us and our Halation Family.

Below are the businesses that we support annually.

Christina Taylor

The Agency is led by Managing Director, Christina Taylor, with over 20 plus years of experience in the Fashion & Lifestyle, wholesale & retail Industry. Her second passion, after her husband Rich and daughter Millicent, has always been health and beauty from nature. Health is beauty and nature is beautiful.

She believes that food should be thy medicine & mother nature has all the answers. “Earth my body, Air my breath, fire my will, water my blood”